Love in a Time of AIDS: Women, Health
and the Challenge of HIV

Gillian Paterson


The crisis created by HIV/AIDS in health services, medical science and the everyday lives of families and communities is well known. Yet despite growing awareness, the pandemic continues; and research shows that the proportion of women among those newly infected is growing everywhere in the world. Young women now account for two-thirds of new infections among people between 15 and 24. What is becoming ever clearer is that where women's social, economic and cultural status is low, they are more likely to become infected with HIV and pass the virus on to others. Vividly recounting the stories of women in many countries, Love In A Time Of Aids demonstrates how the AIDS crisis makes improving the status of women not only a matter of theology and ethics, but of health and survival! That in turn challenges churches(which all too often justify and even collude with forces that subordinate women) to change attitudes and visions and to undertake creative new initiatives in their ministries of healing and hope. Love In A Time Of Aids should be readily available in the libraries of all seminaries, church schools, academic and public libraries, and all women's health centers and studies programs.


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