All Seasons Pass: Grieving a Miscarriage
Martha Manning


As an anticipatory parent, I've been there! The scars from pregnancy loss run deep, they travel long distances and, it is generally said, last a lifetime. So, even some 25 years later, we have the insights of parents and counselor as we tackle the "shattering" that accompanies a miscarriage.

This book, ideal for individual study, counseling and group work, with stories, reflections, information and prayers, we have a book that will serve well. It speaks to and for women. I only regret that there wasn't the same sensitivity for fathers. Often they lose twice ... the death of a child and the inability to find affirmation in their sorrow. Still this book will help. Welcome it and give it the wide distribution it deserves.

Rev. Richard B. Gilbert,Executive Director The World Pastoral Care Center


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