Alzheimer's: The Answers You Need
Helen D. Davies, Michael P. Jensen


We wrote this book to inform Alzheimer's patients. Whenever I spent time with my Father-in-law, he would ask me questions about his disease, Alzheimer's disease. I don't work in Health Care. I'm just a writer. I handled it the best way I knew how. I looked for a book that would answer his question. I could not find one, so I found someone who knows the answers and we wrote a book together. Patients have lots of questions about what is happening to them, what will happen, and how to cope. You will be surprised at how well a patient can do if the problems are met in the right way. We wrote our book to show them that way. It also helps caregivers understand what is happening both physically and emotionally. Helen Davies experience counseling patients and caregivers has taught her, and through her, taught me, a real sensitivity to a patients problems and fears. It has also given us a lot of hope for just how good the next few years can be if a patient makes the right choices. We wish you all the best.
The author, Mike Jensen


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