Alzheimer's: Making Sense of Suffering
Teresa R. Strecker


It has been said that Alzheimer's leaves one either bitter or better. "Alzheimer's: Making Sense of Suffering" is unique among books for caregivers and loved ones of Alzheimer's because it provides useful information for both practical and spiritual aspects of dealing with this devastating disease. In so doing, it provides those affected by Alzheimer's a path for spiritual growth and renewal. The book traces the experiences of the author's family from the first signs of dementia, to the diagnosis, through the progression of the disease, nursing home placement, and finally, death and bereavement. Throughout this journey, the author addresses and answers questions that arise as one faces Alzheimer's, such as why did this happen, or how can one believe in the goodness of God in the midst of such suffering. Since the author is both a biologist as well as a Christian, she addresses both scientific and theological aspects of Alzheimer's accurately. The key message of the book is the hope that is clearly realized in the events, reflections and guidance found in every chapter. Over the past year, many have read this book and found that it provided a fresh, informed and hopeful perspective on what otherwise looked like a bleak situation. In showing the reader that love and God's promises are waiting to be discovered and embraced in the midst of crisis, this book will help you make sense of suffering.
The author, Teresa R. Strecker


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