Alzheimer's Disease: Caregivers Speak Out
Pam Haisman


For everyone who knows someone with Alzheimer's disease...With over 4 million Americans with Alzheimer's disease, everyone knows someone who suffers from this malady. Most people also know that it is the families and caregivers who must learn to endure during the "long good-bye." Over 200 caregivers, both family and professional, have contributed to my book. In their own words they plea for our compassion as they guide us through to an understanding of how this disease has affected their lives. As a professional, I believe we have learned the most from caregivers. As an author, I am pleased to share their words with you, as together we learn practical techniques for compassionate communication and creative caregiving for persons who have Alzheimer's disease, and the people who care for them.
The author, Pam Haisman, R.N., M.S.


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