Am I? Am I Not? An Alcoholic
Thomas Curtis Chace


Breaking Through Denial: New Hope For Alcoholics

Historically, the sick, suffering alcoholic had to 'hit bottom,' become physically, spiritually and emotionally bankrupt--and probably financially broke as well--before recovery became a possibility. Most professionals in the counseling and treatment world still believe the cry for help must come from the practicing alcoholic himself, who, some way, has to break through his own wall of denial, one of the major conditions of alcoholism.

Unless the alcoholic is somehow able to overcome this denial, there is little hope that the problem drinker will get into recovery before he or she wastes years of living, destroys lifetime careers, devastates families, and even dies, never getting sober; nine out of ten alcoholics, still, today, die of their disease. Tom Chace's new book, Am I? Am I Not? An Alcoholic, offers a new solution to breaking through this wall of denial. Chace designed Am I? Am I Not? for the therapist, doctor, or family member to give to the person who is questioning his or her behavior around alcohol. The book is is relatively short and talks to the drinker in a friendly, conversational tone. Even a person who is actively drinking can read this book. Am I? Am I Not? is also available to counselors, treatment centers, and recovery houses at a special discount so they can give the book to their clients.

Through a series of simple, foolproof, self-administered tests and a handful of reasonable definitions, the courageous and challenging Am I? Am I Not? is designed to unequivocally demonstrate to the questioning alcoholic that their problem with alcohol is real. Or they may find out that they don't have a problem with their drinking. The answer becomes apparent, one way or the other absolutely and positively. There is no hedging or quibbling. Chace is convinced that the answer will be an unqualified yes or no. In addition to the definitions and tests, Chace gives his readers an unthreatening introduction to Alcoholics Anonymous; a dozen exploded myths ("12 Denials"); and an extensive directory of phone numbers and addresses to many Twelve Step Programs in this country and throughout the world.

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