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And the Passenger Was Death: The Drama and Trauma of Losing a Child
(Death, Value and Meaning)

by Douglas Daher

Daher works extensively as a teacher and therapist to and for the bereaved. Part of his remarkably qualities of presence emerge from his own story, his own sorrow. This best captured in his book that memorializes the story and life of his son, Andrew Jacob Daher. The book, with a most appropriate cover, is the journey through wild ride (aptly described as drama and trauma) that no parent wants to walk, but many must walk. The book informs and comforts, a combination not always present in bereavement books. It is for the journeyer and for those who might walk alongside. Also included are discussions of grieving parents who are divorced, and the special challenges that accompany the death of a child suddenly, traumatically, as a young adult.


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