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Andrew, You Died Too Soon
by Corinne Chilstrom

In the most simple, straightforward language, this mother tells the heart's story: the love for her son which had to continue without that son; the embrace of speechless grief and of a murmuring, speaking community; the deep, spiritual events that occurred for her and her family when one son took his life. It is the author's intent that reading this will be an experience which enhances life; one which will help make the encounter with grief not only more bearable, but actually growth-producing. Readers will find here therapy, catharsis, understanding, and even fresh grounding for faith, hope, and love - hope, being at such times and momentarily, the greatest of these.


Rev. Dr. Richard B. Gilbert, The World Pastoral Care Center:
When we reviewed this book in 1994 we stated that it was one of the best resources for parents grieving the death of a child due to suicide. We stand by that statement. The book also discusses how adoption impacts on some adoptees, and explores in a very refreshing way the impact of suffering on believers (often despite the added burdens of the church).


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