Angel in Disguise
Marjoe Davidson


Death without dying? A wonderful experience? When you hear the the words death
the last thing you associate with it is wonderful, yet this is ultimately what happens.
Life after death, those who have been on the brink of death tell of their experience
and believe it. On the other hand, scientific minds tend to dismiss these experiences
as the human brain's ultimate malfunction before the end of physical life. But what if
someone were to experience life after death, peek into the next dimension, without
being on the brink of death, moreover not one but three people simultaneously,
how could this be scientifically explained? MarJoe, her brother and two sisters
carry on a bed side vigil for their dying mother and in return, their dying mother
gives her children one last gift- like a kiss to make the pain go away, she has them
join her on the journey between hereand there.


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