Angel Pawprints: Reflections on Loving
and Losing a Canine Companion

Laurel E. Hunt


A dog is more than just a petits a loyal companion, a beloved member of the family, a trusted friend. Angel Pawprints celebrates dogs from the past and present in a moving tribute. This beautiful collection of poetry and short stories about cherished dogs, featuring vintage photographs, is both an elegant keepsake and perfect gift for anyone who has ever loved and lost a canine companion.

This eloquent salute to dogs features the words of famous scribes and includes memorable selections by such literary luminaries as Rudyard Kipling, Eugene ONeill, and William Wordsworth. It also spotlights the heartfelt sentiments of authors unknown until now. Written from the early 1800s through the present day, these verses and stories form a timeless tribute to the special place of dogs in our lives and validate the pain and loss experienced when they are gone.

An essential resource for pet owners everywhereas well as for veterinarians, bereavement counselors, and pet loss support groups. Angel Pawprints also includes an appendix of pet loss resources to turn to in a time of need. This heartfelt collection allows the expression of grief and facilitates the healing process. Its a heartwarming book or anyone who has ever loved a dog.


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