The Art of Growing Up: Simple Ways to Be Yourself at Last
Veronique Vienne


In a society seemingly fixated on youth, it's often difficult to appreciate the charms of becoming a real adult. In The Art of Growing Up, best-selling author V�ronique Vienne celebrates the journey into adulthood, reminding us of what we gain with each passing birthday. Her wise and witty essays encourage us to delight in the rejuvenation that comes with time, suggesting that perhaps the true fountain of youth exists in growing up, at any age. By purging old habits and obsolete limitations, The Art of Growing Up encourages us to be truly ourselves, at last. V�ronique looks at the art of beginning, the art of inspiring, the art of choosing, and the art of cheating. She reveals one way to save the world, the new rules of glamour, and the best age-defying beauty tip ever. Filled with gorgeous duotone photographs that complement these delightful essays, The Art of Growing Up is the perfect gift for anyone who is ready to discover the true art of living.


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