Arthritis for Dummies
Barry Fox, Ph.D., Nadine Taylor


As early as Arthritis for Dummies's first page--a yellow tear card entitled "Cheat Sheet"--you know you're getting useful information. The cheat sheet gives quickie tips on seven helpful topics: "Before Agreeing to Surgery," "10 Ways to Manage Arthritis," "10 Arthritis Myths to Watch out For," "10 Super Foods to Help Combat Arthritis," "10 Crackerjack New Treatments," "Talking to Your Doctor About Alternative Therapies," and "Identifying False Claims for Alternative Therapies." Arthritis for Dummies explores all of these topics, and many more, in detail. The authors, husband-and-wife team Barry Fox, Ph.D. (The Arthritis Cure, The 20/30 Fat & Fiber Diet Plan) and Nadine Taylor, M.S., R.D., a registered dietician, explain the different forms of arthritis and arthritis-related conditions and how to work effectively with your doctor. Most of the rest of the book is an easy-to-read guidebook to dozens of treatments and pain-management strategies. Rather than discussing arthritis treatment from a purely Western medicine approach, the authors also detail Eastern healing systems, lifestyle strategies (including illustrations of exercises), and alternative therapies. Everything from Ayurveda to Zyloprim is in here.
--Joan Price

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