A Sabbath Life: One Woman's Search for Wholeness
Kathleen Hirsch


A successful writer and a committed feminist, at forty, Kathleen Hirsch suddenly finds herself at odds with the life she has constructed, restless and longing for a nameless "something more." Unable to trek to Tibet or retreat to a cabin in the woods, she enters a long season of reflection in the midst of her everyday life. How, she begins to ask, can busy women's lives be more spiritually alive and whole? How, in our most productive years, can we reclaim what we sacrificed in the earlier struggle for success? Hirsch looks back to the defining friendship of her young adult years and examines the very different choices she and her best friend, a poet, have made. A series of unexpected losses and the long-awaited birth of a child, all in a year's time, deepen her probing. Her search gradually impels her to seek out a range of remarkable spiritually and socially attuned women who are consciously trying to live more balanced and integrated lives. They lead her to conclusions that will inspire many women who at midlife are seeking a deeper and more abiding wholeness.

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