As I Journey On: Meditations for Those Facing Death
Sharon Dardis, Cindy Rogers


People who know they will soon die face questions, decisions, and conversations that others choose to avoid, and finding comfort and support can be difficult. All too often, books about the end of life address the family, friend, and caretaker, but not the person dying. As I Journey On: Meditations for Those Facing Death offers a collection of stories that pertain to the end of life, many from the perspective of a dying person. Forty meditations are arranged by topic, such as anger, worry, dying alone, endurance, hanging on, good-byes, letting go, grieving, darkness, treasures, loneliness, laughter, wishes, gratitude, hope, and children. Each meditation offers hope and includes a prayer, a question to consider, and an opportunity for the reader to make a resolution for the day. Readers will appreciate being addressed with dignity and respect for the lessons they can learn-and share-as they journey on.

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