Between Two Worlds: Special Moments
of Alzheimer's & Dementia

Ellen P. Young, Peter Rabins


All royalties go to Alzheimer's research for a cure!

Hi, I'm Ellen Young....I wrote Between Two Worlds for 3 main reasons:

1) To work through my own grief and loss when both my mother and my aunt were diagnosed with Alzheimer's.
2) When I calmed down enough to take note of their cute and humorous behaviors, I wanted to share with others the mirthful, golden moments that I had experienced. In my work as a hospital social worker, I also had the opportunity to witness many heart warming moments with my patients and their families.
3) To be able to raise funds, through my royalties, for research for prevention and cure of this dreaded disease.

I set about to collect personal accounts and vignettes from courageous caregivers who wanted to bring warmth to others traveling the same road. The "stars" of Between Two Worlds are very special people!

By staring the monster, that is Alzheimer's, down, and even laughing a little in the face of it, we bolster our courage and release the chemicals (endorphins) in ourselves to gain a sense of well-being in the face of adversity. This book goes a long way towards easing the tension and pain felt by caregivers and families. It is a must for anyone and everyone who deals with Alzheimer's and dementia at any level. It will truly lighten your load, lift your spirits and convince you, above all, that you are not alone!

And again, all royalties go to Alzheimer's research.

The author, Ellen P. Young

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