Bipolar Puzzle Solution: A Mental Health Client's
Perspective: 187 Answers to Questions
Asked by Support Group Members

Bryan L. Court, Gerald E. Nelson


A great resource for those with manic-depressive illness! Bipolar Puzzle Solution is a unique book written by a mental health client (with a psychiatrist's commentary). It contains actual questions from members of bipolar disorder support groups and covers the whole person: physical, emotional, and spiritual components of recovery. It brings all of the essential elements of recovery into one place, and it includes an easy-to-read question-and- answer format about subjects such as: employment, friends and family, disability, hospitalization, and more. No other book on the market has this format and covers a wide range of subjects of interest to those seeking information on bipolar disorder.

Did you know that in the U.S. approximately one percent of the population (2.6 million) have a bipolar disorder -- also called manic-depressive illness -- characterized by mood cycles of depression and mania (excessive elation, activity, talkativeness, etc.)? Because bipolar illness has genetic tendencies, it affects those from all walks of life, but the majority of persons with the illness don't seek help. Most have been misunderstood, rejected, shunned, and disliked because of the disorder, and they struggle against preconceived ideas and prejudices -- but all seek answers, health, freedom, hope, and love. For someone with bipolar disorder, education and knowledge about the illness are necessary for successful treatment. Until now, few "road maps" have been available.

In this book, the "pieces" that compose the "bipolar puzzle" come together in a unique question- and-answer format heard in bipolar support groups. Written by a bipolar sufferer, coauthor Bryan L. Court, typical questions heard in bipolar support groups are provided and each is followed by an in-depth answer. Each topical section also includes an extensive "Psychiatrist's Response" by coauthor Gerald E. Nelson, M.D., who has been working with bipolar disordered individuals for over 20 years. Covering the whole person -- physical, emotional, and spiritual components of recovery -- this book is essential for individuals suffering from bipolar disorder, as well as their loved ones and helping professionals.

Answering questions about bipolar illness and how to live with it, this book addresses 187 recovery-related questions over the broad range of interest to the patient, family, and friend, and utilizes the same question-and-answer format heard in bipolar support groups. Subjects cover a wide spectrum, including: understanding the illness; treatment methods; medications; attitudes; acceptance; faith; living problems; relationships with friends, family, and psychiatrists; support groups; disability; hospitalization; and employment difficulties. The answers were obtained from a psychiatrist, a labor law attorney, and a hospital worker. A psychiatrist (Nelson) reviewed the answers to the questions and provided a response to each section of the book.

Sadly, two out of three are either receiving no care at all or are being inadequately treated because of misdiagnosis and a lack of recognition of the symptoms. Unfortunately, fifteen percent of the individuals with bipolar illness will choose suicide to end their suffering. You can make a difference! Buy this book and put it to good use in your family, among your friends, or in your community!

Bryan L. Court


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