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The Birth Called Death: The Remarkable Story of One Woman's Journey to the Other Side of Life
by Kathie Jordan

In The Birth Called Death, the young Kathie is repeatedly pulled from her sleepy body by a deceased older brother and offered an extraordinary hands-on tour of the heaven realms. Obviously a very special soul, this little girl is given red-carpet instruction, from the first of the heavens-with its trauma wards-to the highest realms where reside awesome souls such as Jesus. Through her adventures we encounter the paths of relatives, angels and saints.

I have read much of the contemporary literature of death and dying. But never have I read a personal travel guide. It is one thing to study theory and speculation, but quite another to receive first-hand instruction-charmingly and disarmingly from the voice of a seven year-old girl!

For anyone concerned with the hereafter-and if you don't think you're one, look again-this book is a gift from Heaven itself. No writing has ever lifted so much off my mind and left me so free to fly! Rev. Gavin Geoffrey Dillard, author and critic

As a psychologist who has studied mysticism, philosophy and transpersonal psychology and who has worked with the terminally ill for years, I can say with confidence that this book holds a great deal of value for those who grapple with issues of their own mortality.  Kathy Jordan's book offers a heartfelt, insightful and very personal map of the unfolding of consciousness after death.   I recommend it not only to those struggling with the loss of a loved one or with the inevitability of their own mortality, but to anyone searching for a deeper understanding of their existence. Jeffrey Jessum, PhD

Having lost my mother recently, I found the book deeply comforting. This well written story is irresistable. Once begun, the personal journey that Kathie Jordan shares with us is truly fascinating, engaging, delightful and truly moving all at the same time. Her style is very ingenuous and the writing itself is real and filled with empathy. Enlightened, in some way, when I finished reading this jewel of a book, I bought a whole bunch of copies to give my friends for Christmas. I hope Mrs. Jordan writes more books. Jogiluv, New York


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