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Blessed Are They That Mourn: An Observation About What Hurts and What Heals
by Nan K. Zastrow
Book Review

Sudden death creates a life-changing journey thru grief. Comforting doesn't come easy. When someone has died, we step forward to comfort the bereaved. We do exactly what we are expected to do. We act like others act. We say what we've been taught to say. Then we consider our commitment fulfilled. As grievers, we are complex individuals with unique needs. For the griever, the journey has just begun. Others can't understand the depth of our pain or the lingering task of grieving. The griever has changed.

This book is written for those who grieve and for those who fall in the role of comforters whether or not they chose the task or inherited it through circumstances.If you are a griever, I hope you will see that your experiences are similar to mine. Don't be stunned by people's actions or your pain. There is hope.

If you have not yet grieved, I hope this book will help you understand how to be a comforter. Your role is important. When you choose to be a comforter, you invest both heart and soul. In understanding our reaction to death, we can best make choices about living. Death is a part of life, but it's a silent part. No one wants to talk about it, think about it, or handle it. Share my pain and my journey through grief. And rejoice with me through the triumph of newfound hope. Truly a book to read and give to a friend!


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