Between Love and Hate: A Guide to Civilized Divorce
Lois Gold


The seven keys to preventing a divorce from becoming an advesarial contest

  • The emotional territory of a dissolving marriage -anger, blame, guilt, grieving, and healing
  • Legal custody and Parenting Plans -doing the best for the children
  • The emotional needs of children in divorce
  • Building a working relationship as parents
  • Business meetings -learning to communiciate during a difficult time
  • Strategies for Win- Win negotiating and resolving conflict
  • Mediation and fair settlement strategies
  • Managing post-divorce problems.

The author is past President of the Academy of Family Mediators and is in private practice in Portland Oregon. This book is the result of over 20 years of helping couples work through the crisis of ending marriages constructively and creating a foundation for healing.
The author, Lois Gold


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