Bring Back Yesterday
Harriet Sirof


Reading Level: Grades 6 to 9

Thirteen-year-old Lisa's well-ordered life is shattered when her parents are killed in an airplane crash, and she bitterly resents living with her aunt Alice, who has focused her own grief on a campaign to increase airline safety. Lisa retreats to the past, and after mysteriously reuniting with her imaginary childhood friend Rooji, is transported to Elizabethan England where she and Rooji become apprentices at a theater. When Alice is arrested at a protest, and the playwright Master Bowen is accused of violating censorship rules, events in both times take on eerie parallels. As Lisa struggles in two worlds, she makes peace with Alice and realizes she can and must get past the crippling inertia of grief. Elizabethan London comes alive here, and the book's fast pace is an intriguing counterpoint to Lisa's suffocating, real-world life.

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