Brother to Brother: You Don't Have
to Die With Prostate Cancer

Thomas L. Walker


The author, Thomas L. Walker This book is my attempt to turn a problem into a project. It is strange how one can have an experience that can force him to see life from a totally different perspective. As a prostate cancer survivor, I wrote "Brother To Brother--You Don't Have To Die With Prostate Cancer" after living through a series of almost unmanageable moments. Like most men, I had not given much thought to prostate cancer until it affected me. In "Brother To Brother" you will see how God led me through a process of being diagnosed with prostate cancer. I also went through a state of denial and distrust. Finally, with my faith firmly grounded in the Lord, I chose a non-surgical method of treatment that not only cured the disease, but left me with no lasting side effects. This book is actually a family health book because when one member of the family has prostate cancer, the whole family has it. "The Wife's Dilemma" is a chapter written by my wife, Joyce, and is sure to encourage the hearts of women whose loved ones are striken with this dreadful disease. Our daughter, Attorney Teresa Walker-Mason, and our son, Rev. Timothy Walker, offer great advice to the children of those diagnosed with prostate cancer. I appreciate the overwhelming physician reviews and their encouraging me to complete the book, which is written from a layman's perspective and is easy reading. This book is not only a "must-read" for men, but for women who love their men, whether it be a husband, father, brother, or significant other. Had it not been for my darling wife, Joyce, I would have probably waited too late to have my prostate examined. I am convinced that men and women need to make an agreement to encourage each other to seek early detection of cancer, whether it be prostate, breast, or some other form of cancer. Yesterday, 110 men died of prostate cancer; today, another 110 will die; and so on tomorrow and the next day until 40,000 American men will die this year. The unfortunate thing is that the ignorance of prostate health is killing more men than prostate cancer itself. I would advise you to have at least three hours of leisure time when you pick up "Brother To Brother" because like many others, you will not be able to put it down until you've read the last word.
The author, Thomas L. Walker


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