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But Should the Angels Call for Him: A Mother's Journey Through Grief and Discovery
by Glenda Pearson

Chad died some ten years ago, at the age of 22. What one would describe as the "prime years of life," an age to defy death and to live life to the fullest. It wasn't to be, and this powerful book leads us through the story of Chad, the grief of parents, and the particular demands and wounds of the grieving mother.

Born to young parents (19), and through a tumultuous pregnancy, this "miracle baby" was the miracle of parenting and parenthood. The lad to "carry on the Pearson name." Parents emerging in new roles through love, love for one another, and faith ... as if to say they did everything the right way. Apparently, grief would tell us, not enough to fend off the rude interruptions of death.

The author does a courageous job of sharing her story openly, with resources from her faith, that will serve others trying to bring together the head and the heart, and the often distanced spirituality, around the death of the young adult son.


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