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Cancer and the Family Life Cycle: A Practioner's Guide
Theresa A. Veach, Donald R. Nicholas, Marci A. Barton

The book begins with a very helpful introduction to what they call "cancer basics" and the treatment models common to the care of the cancer patients. To this discussion is added how cancer impacts and is impacted by family systems, the family life cycle and related matters.

The overall themes of the book are: Diagnosis and the family life cycle: The existential crisis; Treatment and the family life cycle: the long haul; Rehabilitation and the family life cycle: living in limbo; Survival and the family life cycle: Living under the Sword of Damocles; Recurrence/advance disease and the family life cycle: Life in the balance; Terminal illness and the family life cycle: In a strange land.

Each section ends with a well crafted summary and references.

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