Cancer Then Healing
Micki Voisard


The words "you have cancer" can feel like the beginning of the end. But healing is possible. You do have a chance not only to survive, but to thrive. You don't have to possess superhuman courage. You do need to take charge and consider all your options. That's the finding of author Micki Voisard and the more than 500 men and women with cancer she's interviewed during her own remarkable recovery from ovarian cancer. Whether you were diagnosed last week or last year, you, too, can make decisions that can save your life.

This book will help:

* Shed preconceptions about what cancer is and how it works
* Discover what your body really needs to heal
* Find hope and support in the stories of others
* Remember there are many proven alternative therapies available to you
* Calm yourself amid the confusion
* Embrace your sense of what's best for you
* Find your personal power during this most vulnerable time of your life
* Effectively use your fear for healing
* Ask what healing means to you and if you're getting this in your current treatment

This book is a total breakthrough for anyone determined to make the healing journey through cancer.

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