A Cancer Battle Plan Sourcebook: A Step-by-Step Health
Program to Give Your Body a Fighting Chance

David J. Frahm


A comprehensive naturopathic manual and companion to the bestselling book that has helped thousands of people fight cancer. Since its publication, A Cancer Battle Plan has sold more than 200,000 copies and continues to be a source of inspiration and information for people struggling with cancer and other degenerative diseases. Now, Dave Frahm offers a companion book of practical help and guidance for those who want to build a natural program to lighten their toxic load, better their health, and find a healthy, safe way to fight chronic disease. In A Cancer Battle Plan Sourcebook readers will start to regain control of their health and learn how to:

* identify the stressors impacting health
* detoxify the body
* restore the body's natural healing power and protective system
* assess how the body is performing and what help it needs
* develop six key characteristics of people who have won back their health

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