Cancer Talk: Voices of Hope and Endurance
From "The Group Room", the World's
Largest Cancer Support Group

Selma R. Schimmel and Barry Fox, Ph.D.


For the first time, Cancer Talk provides a support group in a book.
Research shows that cancer patients who attend support groups can survive longer and lead fuller lives than patients receiving medical treatment alone. Cancer Talk, based on "The Group Room�," the nation's only talk-radio cancer support show, brings hope, information, and inspiration to everyone affected by cancer. Show host Selma Schimmel, a cancer advocate and longtime survivor, has gathered the voices of cancer patients and survivors, family and friends, physicians, therapists, and other healthcare professionals to create an invaluable guide to help you:

* Deal with the wide range of emotions a cancer diagnosis provokes
* Cope with relationships, intimacy, and physical changes
* Optimize the doctor-patient relationship and navigate treatment options
* Handle the side effects of treatment
* Understand legal, workplace, and insurance issues
* Live with and beyond cancer

Anyone whose life has been touched by cancer will find new support from the intimate and empowering voices of the only real experts out there--the people who live with cancer.

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