Can Our Church Live?
Alice Mann


Statistics. Definitions. Data. Reassurance. Equipping. Blessing.

The Alban Institute continues to be THE center for parish and clergy health, development and growth, and Mann continues in this tradition. This book would offer an enormous gift for congregations in the search process or interim, but also would serve well for congregations/pastors moving along in a new ministry as well as long established (entrenched??) ministers and ministries.

"Nothing on earth lives forever. Perhaps creation could have unfolded otherwise, but it did not. No living organism goes on forever. Instead, life expresses itself in cycles of birth and death, emergence and decline. The persistence of a species is assured not by the preservation of an individual specimen but by the capacity of each generation to sow the seeds of the next."

Mann leads us to explore, and commit to, the sowing of seeds for the next generation.

The Rev. Dr. Richard B. Gilbert, The World Pastoral Care Center

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