The Spirituality of the Celtic Saints
Richard J. Woods


Handsomely bound and covered, this book brings history, inspiration and information about one of the greatest, and still often overlooked, contributions to Christian spirituality, Celtic spirituality, to our attention. The stories are precious and priceless, and offer rare glimpses not only of a nation and a people, but of the God who loves them and who receives their adoration, praise and love. We learn the history of the Celtic saints, including the saints of Celtic Britain and the saints of Ireland and Scotland, give special care to Patrick, Brigid and Columba, experience their struggle (and the ongoing struggle) for justice, and the continuing tradition these saints bring to us and also invite us to join. This book has made a significant contribution to the life and history of a Faith, a country, a people and our own journeys.
Rev. Dr. Richard B. Gilbert


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