Challenged by Amputation: Embracing a New Life
Carol S. Wallace


Cut Off, Sewn Up, Sent Home was the working title of my book, Challenged By Amputation: Embracing A New Life. That's what was done to me when my leg was amputated due to a malignant tumor. I was not offered any emotional support, physical therapy, career counseling or help in relearning how to live my life without a leg and on crutches. As I visited new amputees and their families in the hospital I continued to observe how little was being offered in the way of emotional support and general information on benefits, prosthetic limbs, reestablishing relationships and just living life again. After meeting with a young woman who woke up after surgery, looked at me and asked "Why me?", I went home and started my there would be something available for those needing help on what to expect and to know there can be life....even a great life...after limb loss. Enjoy!

The Author, Carol S. Wallace

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