Childhood Cancer Survivors: A Practical
Guide to Your Future

Nancy Keene, Kathy Ruccione, Wendy L. Hobbie


More than 250,000 children, teens, and adults are survivors of childhood cancer. The present high rate of cure for childhood cancer is a cause for celebration--children and their families faced adversity and triumphed. Long-term survivors of childhood cancer face a unique future. Some will encounter insurance and employment challenges, some will have emotional challenges, and some will have ongoing health problems related to treatment. Knowing about the disease, its treatment, and potential late effects enable survivors and families to advocate for the care needed for health and well being. Childhood Cancer Survivors charts the territory of long-term survivorship:

* Emotional aspects of surviving cancer
* Challenges for relationships; fertility concerns
* Follow-up schedules for health monitoring
* Self-care and lifestyle issues
* Transition from pediatric to adult care
* Overcoming discrimination in employment or insurance
* The range of possible medical late effects

Authors Keene, Hobbie, and Ruccione are experts in the field of childhood cancer. They have written, spoken, and advocated about all aspects of survivorship. Importantly, they have also talked to hundreds of survivors, with a wide range of issues and triumphs, and have included many of their stories.

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