Christmas Presence: Twelve Gifts That Were More Than They Seemed
Gregory F. Augustine Pierce (Editor), Kass Dotterweich, Tom McGrath


This collection opens with a beautiful story by Kass Dotterweich about the Christmas when her five-year-old son gave unusual gifts to all the family. This is followed by a moving array of personal tales from Tom McGrath, Michael Leach, Carol DeChant and John Shea, among others. Most of the stories are informed by an explicitly Catholic perspective, but the values embraced will resonate with all Christians. Writers muse on the Christmas presents they remember most, which turn out to be either intangible blessings or simple, tangible things (a toaster, in one case) invested with special meaning. Patrick Hannon contributes a particularly marvelous story about not getting a puppy for his eighth Christmas, and Vinita Hampton Wright offers a beautiful tribute to family, storytelling and tradition. This collection moves from strength to strength with nary a weak link.

Copyright 2002 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Gregory F. Augustine Pierce is the co-publisher and editorial director of ACTA Publications. He is the author of Spirituality @ Work.


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