Cocaine and Crack
(Drug Library)

Marilyn Carroll


Reading Level: Grades 9 - 12

Provides a concise, easy-to-use look at cocaine, its forms, its patterns of use, and its short-and long-term effects. The first chapter is a little disjointed, but the material that follows is right on target, both for students doing reports and for those just interested in some solid information. Carroll does a nice job of pointing out "at risk" groups without being judgmental or laying blame and an equally good job of presenting the emotional and physical hazards of usage without preaching. The index is good; chapters can stand alone, making the book a useful source for short as well as detailed projects; and students needing visual aids will appreciate the simple, relevant graphs. The account's primary use will be for research; however, there is a long "Where to Go for Help" section, and the textual material is presented in such a way that it should make saying no easier for young adults needing support for that position.

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