Cognitive - Behavioral Therapies for Trauma
Victoria M. Follette, Josef I. Ruzek


This important volume brings together leading clinicians and researchers to present cognitive-behavioral approaches to treating PTSD and other trauma-related symptoms and disorders. Solidly grounded in the latest theory and research, chapters describe pragmatic, clinician-friendly strategies for working with problems that are prevalent across a variety of trauma experiences, including intrusion and arousal, guilt, anger, substance abuse, dissociation, and relationship issues. Readers gain a deeper understanding of the goals and methods of trauma education, therapeutic exposure, stress management training, cognitive reprocessing, and other interventions, and learn techniques for defusing negative self-talk, working with traumatic memories, and helping clients develop new trauma narratives. Throughout, the volume emphasizes the importance of situating symptomatic thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in their interpersonal and environmental contexts, instead of focusing on trauma history alone or viewing clients through a lens of individual dysfunction


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