Complicated Grieving and Bereavement:
Understanding and Treating People Experiencing Loss
(Death, Value, and Meaning Series)

Garry Cox, Robert A. Bendiksen and Robert Stevenson, Editors


This book emerged from the presentations at a recent King's College conference. It is another demonstration of why this is still the premier bereavement conference.

This book focuses on the complicating factors in our personality, surroundings, support network and loss experiences that confront and often disable. We explore definitions, frameworks for measurement, and some very unique perspectives that need more documentation because of their prevalent place in the human experience. Part one includes theories of complicated grief. Section two discusses children and complicated grief, and includes discussions of homicide bereavement and a look at the "dark side" feelings of children's grief. Part 3 is complicated grief in special populations, including camouflaged grief (families of MIAs), mental illness in the grief process, victims of spiritual abuse, spirituality and religion as risk factors, personality as a variable in grief response, grassroots memorialization as a partner in the grief experience, viewing the body and grief complications, family systems and a final chapter on children (dying and grieving) and the arts, humor and music.

The Rev. Dr. Richard B. Gilbert,
Executive Director, The World Pastoral Care Center

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