Coping With a Drug Abusing Parent
Lawrence Clayton, Ph.D.


Millions of teens are children of parents addicted to alcohol or other drugs. Using vivid personal stories and vignettes, author Lawrence Clayton makes the difficulties faced by teens in such families come alive. Teens are often powerless to stop a drug-abusing parent from continuing on that destructive path; they can, however learn to take better care of themselves. Coping with a Drug-Abusing Parentgives teens practical advice on how to cope initally with their situation, as well as presenting long-term survival strageties. Clayton first focuses on chemical dependency and shows how living with an addicted parent affects every aspect of a teen's life. He moves on to acknowledge and explore feelings common to these teens, such as fear, anger, shame, an loneliness, to explain how to manage the "unmanageable," and to provide sound advice on how teens who live with violence in their homes can be safe.


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