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Cradled All the While: The Unexpected Gifts of a Mother's Death
Sara J. Corse

This beautifully crafted memoir explores the ever-present struggle for connection and independence between mother and daughter that may not be resolved by death, but given a new dimension. The complex story, simply and gracefully told, engages the reader in issues of grief and loss, prickly family relationships, and faith.

Sara J. Corse, Ph.D. poignantly conveys the overlapping – and sometimes conflicting – needs of both her dying mother and herself, in the process finding redemption and forgiveness. One reviewer writing for wrote:

"Don't wait until your mother is ill or gone before you read this heartfelt book. Any woman who has ever questioned whether she was properly "mothered" or whether she was a good daughter would benefit from the insights Dr. Corse shares about her own process of forgiving herself and her mother. There is much here to hearten and inspire. Highly recommended; give it to yourself or your sister or your best girlfriend."

As a personal narrative of the transformative potential of caring for a dying parent, Cradled All the While speaks to a variety of audiences, including those experiencing or anticipating the death of someone close to them, volunteers and professionals working in hospice care, and ministers, spiritual directors and lay persons engaged in pastoral care. The reader is drawn into this emotionally honest story and finds within it many footholds for moving closer to the personal, relational and spiritual experience of being with the dying.

Credit: Sara J. Corse, Ph.D.


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