Craving for Ecstasy: How Our Passions Become Addictions
and What We Can Do About Them

Harvey Milkman, Stanley G. Sunderwirth


Addictive behavior goes far beyond the compulsive use of drugs and alcohol. It is possible to become addicted to what may seem a harmless pleasure such as sex, jogging, watching television, and eating. In this powerful book - written in easy-to-understand language - two scientific researchers, Harvey Milkman and Stanley Sunderwirth, explain the biology, chemistry, and psychology of the universal desire for pleasure and escape. For example, they reveal how the brain produces "mind-altering" substances and what the skydiver has in common with the heroin addict. But, most important, with the use of a self-assessment test and an invaluable guide for treatment, the authors show what steps you can take to regain control of your life.

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