Create A Life That Tickles Your Soul: Finding Peace,
Passion, & Purpose

Suzanne Willis Zoglio, Ph.D.


An inspiring guide for creating the life you love. Ever think about doing what you really love? Could you be inadvertently sabotaging your own happiness? Wonder if it's too late to create the life you really want? These are some of the provoking questions addressed in Create A Life That Tickles Your Soul. Create A Life That Tickles Your Soul provides powerful insights on how to reinvent your life in the second half. Beautifully written to inspire and guide, it encourages you to pursue a life that...up until've just dreamt about. Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series had this to say about Create A Life That Tickles Your Soul. " This little gem is a delightful read and an insightful guide for reinventing your life...especially at midlife. It will boost your esteem, remind you of your purpose, and challenge you to reach for the stars."

Strategies You'll Learn for Enhancing Your Life...

  • Develop a compelling vision that connects your spirit, talent, and desires.
  • Find inner peace by letting go of the past and taking charge of your present.
  • Feed your esteem with thoughts that calm your spirit and fire your imagination.
  • Rev up your passion by paying attention, embracing life, and celebrating.
  • Transcend yourself with relationships of understanding, respect, and love.
  • Release your potential by stretching your mind and discovering your spirit.
  • Find more meaning by sharing your gifts to make a difference every day.
Lawrence A. Decker, Ph.D., author of A Change of Heart says, "This heart-warming book offers insights that will enrich and even prolong your life. Create A Life That Tickles Your Soul invites you to open your heart, express your love, and live a life full of meaning and wonder."
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