Dancing on the Moon
Janice Roper, Lauren Grimm (Illustrator)


Reading Level: Preschool

First-time author, Janice Roper of Annapolis MD, lost her 3-month-old son to SIDS. Years later, she wrote the book that she was looking for to help her daughter deal with the grief. �Dancing on the Moon� is just being released for publication. All profits from the book go to support grief counseling. It is totally non-profit.

The story, told through soothing rhymes and captivating illustrations, tells the journey of a young girl to find her infant brother who has died. She dreams she flies to the moon, where she finds him. In the end, she realizes, he will be with her always, in her heart. The book provides comfort and reassurance to children and adults alike. It is an empowering story for the powerless experience that we will all eventually face�the death of a loved one.

Lauren Grimm is a painter from Vienna VA. She used an oil technique that produced beautiful illustrations rarely found in a children�s book. Mrs. Roper and her daughter Selena posed for the paintings which took 9 months (to complete 15 paintings). This is the first children�s book Ms. Grimm has ever illustrated.

It is a beautiful and important book!! It will help many children deal with the loss of someone close, but I believe it�s a good book for all children, who are now introduced to the �circle of life� concept at such a young age. It takes the child psyche one step further, to actually be comforted and heal. What I like is that it provides imagery for children that will help them to feel close to someone they have lost.

All profits go to support grief counseling organizations.

Diane DeFord

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