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Death and Bereavement Around the World: Europe (Death, Value and Meaning)
by John D. Morgan, Ph.D. (Editor), Pittu Laungani, Ph.D.

In Death and Bereavement Around the World, Volume 3: Death and Bereavement in Europe, the contributors explore attitudes, funeral practices, and end-of-life care in the European countries. The scope of this volume ranges from the highly developed hospice and bereavement programs found in the United Kingdom to the newly developed programs in Croatia.

The "new Europe" is reflected in the cooperation among services across Europe. while services maintain their national identities. Religion continues to exert its influence throughout Europe, notably in Greece. Much of the volume's focus is on funeral rituals and burial customs and the distinctive changes in funerals across Europe, especially in Germany. Practices in Poland, the Ukraine. and Russia are described, highlighting the differences among these countries despite the political unity imposed on them for 50 years. 

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