Depression in the Young:
What We Can Do to Help Them

Trudy Carlson


Based on the wrenching and unexpected suicide death of her son Ben at age fourteen, Minnesota author and lecturer Trudy Carlson discusses depressive illness in young people and explains aspects of available treatments for each. Well organized, thoroughly researched, and conversational written, Carlson's frank, explicate guide through illness, treatment, medication, and psychotherapies is designed with the layman in mind. Based on personal experience chronicled in the second half of her earlier work, The Suicide of My Son, Carlson's latest book contains detailed chapters dedicated to the recognition and treatment of depressive illness in the young, as well as their affects on the family, friends, classmates, and physicians involved with the sufferer. Direct and personal, written from the heart of someone who's been there, Carlson's forthright book is recommended reading as a helpful, hopeful guide through the traumatic maze of childhood depression and treatment.


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