Depression Is a Choice: Winning the Fight Without Drugs
A. B. Curtiss


In Depression Is A Choice: Winning the Battle Without Drugs, Curtiss explores an alternative to coping with direction, one that she calls "directed thinking".

Curtiss creates a road map for converting the energy we put into being depressed into a strength that can ultimately lead us out of depression. As someone who has suffered from depression herself, and who is also a practicing psychotherapist, she asks whether, in the name of depression, we excuse ourselves of responsibility in certain areas in our lives. While acknowledging the seriousness of depression, she asks whether at times we falsely classify what we are feeling as depression, the disease, when in fact we are simply experiencing the difficulties that are all a part of the human condition, part of the process of living.

Curtiss takes the available research n depression and the brain, and makes a convincing case that just as individuals who are depressed reside in their depression -- to the point where it becomes their focus -- that focus can be turned on its head and into a determination to find our way out.

Curtiss' writing on depression and other topics has appeared in the San Diego Union-Tribune, The New York Times and The Boston Globe. She has published numerous books, including the critically acclaimed Time of the Wild.

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