How Different Religions View Death & Afterlife
Christopher Jay Johnson, Marsha G. McGee


Exceptionally well-written reference on death & afterlife... The first edition of How Different Religions View Death &Afterlife earned widespread acclaim for its objective and practical explanation of this often-troublesome subject — one that has garnered great attention in recent years. This new second edition is fully revised, updated and expanded and includes chapters on 19 different religions, will be of enormous value to everyone who would like to obtain a better understanding of the various ways that different faiths understand death and what happens afterward.

How Different Religions View Death & Afterlife, Second Edition presents the thoughts, doctrines and customs of some of the largest and fastest growing Christian and non-Christian religious groups in North America and synthesizes their beliefs about death into one highly readable volume. Each chapter is written by a different expert or scholar, each of whom is an internationally recognized authority on a particular faith. Unlike other books on the subject, the discourse
is refreshingly objective and non-proselytizing.

A practical “Questions & Answers” chapter offers readers a quick way to find out what each faith believes about specific issues, including: If there is a heaven, what is it like? Who will go to hell? Does your faith believe in reincarnation? What happens to people who commit suicide? Also included is an extensive and excellent index.


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