Drug and Alcohol Abuse: The Authoritative Guide
for Parents, Teachers, and Counselors

Milhorn H. Thomas, Jr.


With a 100-plus-page pharmacological index to drugs commonly abused, Milhorn's guide to discovery, assistance, and recovery of youthful drug and alcohol abusers is replete with information. In explicit, accessible prose, addressing the not-my-child, ostrichlike approach of many parents, Milhorn examines the reasons kids use drugs and offers profiles of drug abusers. He clearly delineates the roles of parents, teachers, and counselors and includes notes on a grade-oriented curriculum beginning in kindergarten. Available treatment recommendations do not stop at counseling or clinics. Milhorn also includes advice in regard to the child returning home, covering such matters as family restoration, lapses, and the potential for secondary medical or psychiatric disorders. A valuable resource.

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