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The Death of Adult Children Through the Eyes of Grieving Parents
by Ron Gaber, Jeana Bacon

The Author, Ron Gaber:
Parents are increasingly outliving their children. This book is based on research conducted with 70 parents who have lost one or more adult children. The book is designed to help other parents and families who have lost adult children. Our research shows that losing an adult child produces an ever-lasting and intense grief that needs attention. The book examines how parents feel, cope and search for meaning. Personal testimonials describe how families and friends have and have not helped. Surviving parents offer advice to others who have lost their adult children. The book is easy to read and designed in a style that allows for refelection, meditation and healing.


Rev. Dr. Richard B. Gilbert, The World Pastoral Care Center
This book is an invitation, a verbal hug, from cover to cover, meeting us wherever we find ourselves on this particular journey. Beautifully written, handsomely displayed, thoughtfully closed with helpful resource information. This is essential reading and comfort for an often forgotten group of grievers.

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