The Eagle and the Rose
Rosemary Altea


Dead spirits in medium Rosemary Altea's cosmos live out happy and fulfilling lives--dead children grow up, lost pets scamper in eternal bliss, and deceased husbands guide and protect their grieving widows from their invisible dimension. A rosier spiritual view could not be imagined. Whether you heard about The Eagle and the Rose on Oprah or found it on The New York Times bestseller list, you may want to pick up this fascinating autobiography by an English-single-mum-barmaid-turned-medium. The Eagle and the Rose is a convincingly sincere account of Altea's dreary childhood in northern England, where as a young woman she realized her psychic powers were not the insanity she feared. Gripped in a struggle with insecurity and stage fright, you'll cheer as Altea develops into a successful medium who chats with the dead as easily as you chat with the person in front of you in the checkout line. Put your skepticism aside and she'll charm you with her simple character, candor, and steadfast belief in a loving god and life after death--or as she puts it, "life after life."
--P. Randall Cohan

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