Error Reduction in Health Care: A Systems Approach
to Improving Patient Safety

Patrice L. Spath


An essential guide that brings to light the causes of medical mistakes and offers level-headed advice for leaders who must reduce the number of errors when delivering health care services.

With patient safety becoming a national priority, health care professionals are scrambling to find ways to curtail costly medical errors. Error Reduction in Health Care is a must-have resource that pinpoints how to reduce and eliminate medical mistakes that threaten the health and safety of patients and reduce the effect of the errors that do occur. It is a strategic guide that helps health care risk and quality managers analyze the root cause of medical errors, implement strategies for improvement, and monitor the effectiveness of these new approaches.

Error Reduction in Health Care is filled with illustrative examples of incident investigations and process improvement recommendations from leaders in the field of health care quality and risk management. With its step-by-step guide to operationalizing error reduction, this book should be required reading for hospital administrators, senior medical staff, and concerned board members.


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