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Everyday Comfort: Readings for the First Month of Grief
Randy Becton

My mother died in November of 1996 after years of battling MS and cancer. I thought I was ready, but it hit me like a ton of bricks! I was unwillingly admitted to the "Mom's Gone Club", felt isolated and the range of emotions associated with the death of a loved one. I was given a copy of this book, and it touched my heart and soul like no other. It helped keep my focus, in manageable ways, on God and His ultimate comfort and hope. I keep several copies on hand to give to others who are facing grief. Kudos to Mr. Becton for this great work!

"nataliejoan" from Corinth, TX, United States.

This book really is comforting. I didn't start it until about a month after my husband of only 8 1/2 months passed away, but now I'm reading it a second time around. It's uncanny how timely each day's reading has been. I'm ordering it now for a friend who was recently widowed. I highly recommend it.

Mrs. Nola Hackett from Redwood City, CA, United States.

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