Experiencing Abortion: A Weaving of Women's Words
Eve Kushner

Table of Contents

By Kathy Anolick
Ch. 1. Moving Through Moodiness
Ch. 2. Coping with Stress and Regaining Control
Ch. 3. The Empowering Force of Anger
Ch. 4. Allowing Ourselves to Grieve the Losses Ch. 5. Relief: Now and Later
Ch. 6. Lifting the Veil of Denial
Ch. 7. A New Self Emerges
Ch. 8. Feeling Sure of the Decision
Ch. 9. In the Mind's Eye: What the Fetus, Pregnancy, and Abortion Mean to Us
Ch. 10. Making Peace with Our Bodies
Ch. 11. Preventing Pregnancy, Preserving Pleasure
Ch. 12. Ending More Than One Pregnancy
Ch. 13. Breaking Through Silence
Ch. 14. Family: When We Confront Our Biggest Fans and Harshest Judges
Ch. 15. Friends: When Pregnancy and Abortion Test Platonic Ties
Ch. 16. Partners: When the Crisis Highlights a Relationship's Strengths and Weaknesses
Ch. 17. Gender Awareness: When Feelings About Women and Men Change
Epilogue: Feeling Better After Abortion
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