A Family Divided: A Divorced Father's Struggle
With the Child Custody Industry

Robert Mendelson


A Family Divided is the true story of a Harvard educated physician who in the first lines of the Foreword is quoted as saying: "I went to court to divorce my wife -- not my children. My wife seemed to have other ideas."

That quote from Michael L. Nieland, M.D. provides the impetus for my book. However, A Family Divided is not merely one divorced father's recollection of his bid to share equally the custody of his children. It is much more. I have attempted to shed entirely new light on perhaps the greatest social ill facing our society today: the proliferation of one-parent families headed by mothers. Study after study has demonstrated that children raised without fathers have a much greater likelihood of becoming disturbed, dysfunctional, even violent adults. Yet, neither the media nor any book has identified the primary cause of this national problem......Until now.

The author, Robert Mendelson


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